Brew Bags

Brew Bags

Instantly Better Memory Lane CoffeePack of 10

swiss chocolate, almond butter, dried fig

Instantly Better Glory Days CoffeePack of 10

toffee, fudge brownie, caramel

Brew Bags: thumbs up!

We made sure that convenience and taste could coexist

Putting coffee in a brew bag isn’t easy. Making sure you don’t sacrifice the taste? Almost impossible. We found other brew bags lacked the flavor and quality we pride ourselves on. So we accepted the challenge, and became the first speciality roaster to create our own.

365 days

Of testing our brew bag product

3,000+ hours

research and development

2 Brew Bag Roasts

combining the exceptional taste of
our whole bean coffee with modern convenience

How to brew

Pour 9oz of boiling water
Pour boiling water over the bag in your favorite cup.

Brew for 4 minutes
Let it steep for a few minutes to make sure you get all the coffee goodness.

Dunk to your desire
You control the strength of your coffee! Dunk 5 times for a mild coffee and 15 or more dunks for a more intense cup.

Prefer iced coffee? Pour 7oz of boiling water over the bag, brew for 4 minutes, dunk 15 times, pour over ice and enjoy!

Dipping a brew bag