Wild Thing Light Roast Coffee

340g / 12oz

Wild Thing - Light Roast Coffee

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Farmer Spotlight: Ethiopia Wild Thing

Producer: Bekele Belachew's Family Farm Bekele Belachew

Region: Sagara Village, Bensa District, Sidama, Ethiopia

Varieties: 74110, 74112, and Heirloom

Process: Natural

Altitude: 2300 MASL

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Introducing Wild Thing, our latest enduring blend!  

A tribute to the untamed spirit of adventure inherent in every coffee bean. This blend is a treasure for the light roast enthusiasts, crafted meticulously for those who find joy in the fruity essence of a well-roasted bean. Wild Thing is not just a coffee; it's a perpetual invitation to a crisp spring morning, irrespective of the season. It's an ode to the wild, unrefined essence of nature, eloquently captured in a light roast. This blend caters to the discerning who crave a coffee that's a show stopper on any given day, tantalizing the palate with a vivacious melody of flavors. Wild Thing is a blend curated with a purpose, to fill the void for light roast lovers seeking a year-round companion. It's not just any blend; it's a concoction that can stand toe to toe with any single origin, boasting of a character that's exceptional, making it a prime choice for pour overs.

The blend entices with its fruity notes, each sip offering a delightful journey reminiscent of a Mixed Berry Parfait & Spring Flowers.   

Wild Thing is not just about savoring a coffee; it's about experiencing a blend that echoes the spirit of adventure, a blend that’s as wild and free as its name suggests. We crafted Wild Thing because leaving light roast lovers without a year-round hit is simply not cool! Now, every day can be a wild coffee adventure, with Wild Thing by your side.

Farmer Spotlight:

Embark on a flavorful expedition with our Ethiopia Bekele Belachew Murago Lot #2, a key component of our Wild Thing blend. Nestled in the picturesque Sidama highlands, with elevations reaching from 2,260 to 2,360 meters, is where you’ll find Bekele Belachew's 6-hectare family haven. This haven is where ancestral traditions govern the nurturing of every bean; where each coffee cherry is handpicked and naturally sun-dried, preserving the untouched essence of the fertile Ethiopian soil.

The spotlight shines on the coffee varietals of 74110, 74112, and Heirloom in this lot. These varietals owe their existence to the pioneering efforts at the Jimma Agricultural Research Center in the 1970s. The 74110 and 74112 varieties were particularly recognized for their resilience, strength, and resistance to coffee berry disease. Hailing from the lush Metu-Bishari forest, these varietals were cataloged in 1974 and unveiled in 1979, celebrated for their ability to thrive in their native habitat. The Heirloom varietal, a revered member of the Ethiopian coffee lineage, is cherished for its unique and intricate flavor spectrum.

As you delve into this light roast, brace yourself for a taste adventure echoed in the notes of a Mixed Berry Parfait & Spring Flowers. This coffee unravels a rich narrative beyond its delightful taste, offering a glimpse into Ethiopian coffee tradition, and showcasing the dynamic characteristics of these extraordinary varietals. Each sip unveils an exceptional and singular coffee experience that is vivid, balanced, and a true reflection of the meticulous dedication of the virtuoso behind the coffee-- Bekele Belachew. Your exploration of the lush Ethiopian coffee terrain is just a sip away, with every cup of Wild Thing extending an invitation to this exquisite coffee journey.