Costa Rica Kathia Zamora Light Roast Coffee

340g / 12oz

retro stars


100% Women-Produced - Kathia Zamora on her farm Finca Cloza

First off, this coffee is mighty delicious! It is our first time working with Kathia and her coffee damn near knocked the socks right off Taylor's size 10 feet when she cupped it for the first time! Clean, balanced, sweet, and super drinkable all describe this cup well. It is for those reasons that Kathia's coffee has earned the coveted title of a classic Nostalgia "porch pounder. "

We were introduced to Kathia at the end of 2022 via another woman who is also making waves in the coffee industry—Marianella Baez Jost of Farmers Project. Her mission is similar to ours—-support more women in coffee and increase the number of genuine and thriving partnerships between producers in Costa Rica and roasters in the United States. Kathia's Farm, Finca Cloza, is now operating in it's 4th-Generation as Kathia took over operations from her parents in 2001. She is intensely focused on improving quality year after year via updates to her facilities and processing techniques every chance she gets and she is working on large scale changes to the industry by sitting on the Board of Directors of the International Women Coffee Alliance. Oh and side note… she is also raising two incredibly kind and smart kids at the same time. No surprise though—we know that women just do more
and do better...

Brandt, our head roaster, visited Kathia in early 2023 and upon his return he simply said to us all "Kathia is the real deal. Her coffee rocks, she is as cool as a cucumber, she has a serious passion for coffee and she is actually making systemic changes to the coffee industry in Costa Rica." We already knew all this but we were stoked to hear it again from Brandt as he always adds some colorful stories into any recollections.

Cheers to Kathia, Marianella and all the women (and men) who made this cup possible!

Costa Rica Kathia Zamora - Light Roast Coffee

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