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Instantly Better Glory Days CoffeePack of 10

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Welcome to the new era of

Instantly Better Coffee

Award-winning coffee, perfectly engineered for convenience and taste. 

What’s the deal? Aren’t you a specialty coffee roaster? 

We have some of the top-rated coffees in the world and we want everyone in the world to be able to enjoy them. Call it our inclusive nature, but we believe everyone deserves a great cup of coffee whether they have a 15-minute pour-over routine or 5 minutes to get out the door.

Isn’t putting coffee in a brew bag easy? 

No. It’s why we’re the first specialty roaster to do it ourselves. It took us nearly a year, thousands of hours of R&D, and a whole lot of caffeine to combine exceptional taste with modern convenience.

Why so complicated? 

We’re so glad you asked. Imagine having to find the right variety of coffee plant, from the right region, with the perfect processing method, at the right elevation, the ideal roast profile, blend ratio, extraction yield, micron particle size, and the perfect amount of off-gassing time just to create a spectacular cup of coffee that anyone can experience with just a mug and water? That's a lot! Well, we did all that and we made the brew bags compostable. Boom!

Are all of your roasts going to be available in brew bags?

Not exactly! Every coffee is different. It takes a specific coffee plant, from the right region, with the right processing method, and roast profile to determine if it is a good fit for the brew bag. That’s all part of the careful R&D we put in each coffee to determine the best format to drink it. Many of our single origin coffees and blends taste better using a drip machine, or pour-over or espresso machine, and we know that! That’s why we carefully hand select the coffees that go into the brew bag, so at the end of the day, you get the best tasting experience possible!